Scholarship Program











Willam Breen Memorial Scholarship – $500
Martin Davis Memorial Scholarship – $500
Two (2) PBA Local 145 Scholarships – $500

Each year, one of the ways the East Brunswick PBA 145 gives back to our community is by awarding scholarships to deserving students of the East Brunswick Township High School. These scholarships are not only intended to help defray the rising costs of a college education, but also to reward students for their contributions to the East Brunswick community.

The East Brunswick PBA 145 scholarships are awarded to students who distinguish themselves both academically and socially. The PBA award is annual and is open to any East Brunswick Township High School senior who expresses a desire to attend college to pursue a career in the criminal justice field.

Selection will be under way soon. Additional information on scholarships can be obtained through the East Brunswick Township High School Guidance Office.

Click here to download the PBA 145 Scholarship form.

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